This blog is dedicated to all our dashing Grooms!

Whenever we look at wedding photo-shoots, websites and Instagram feeds are flooded with pictures of brides. And we can definitely understand the plight of our poor grooms, waiting for the spotlight to shine at them.

All you dapper grooms, here comes to your rescue, the well acclaimed Photographers at Technovision.

Their shots are incredible with aesthetically balanced portraiture. Let’s scroll through some of these lensmen's works, where they captured some very handsome grooms in their élan.

The monochrome class and the bliss on the groom’s face while he looks at his lady, adds a very “straight out of a Bollywood romance”” approach to the entirety of this image.

The dashing groom can turn heads, hinting that smile at us and looking gorgeous holding his lovely bride in his arms.

This picture filled with zephyr of love and romance and has a definite charm to it, capable of sinking all hearts.

After some romantic shots, here comes the fun filled moments. Our charming groom and his posse makes for such a sweet portrait. Technovision captures the spirit of life long friendship and the extreme joy of this moment.


The brilliant artists at Technovision has wooed our hearts with great moments, frozen to be cherished for a lifetime.

Get in touch with them to make your special day more special.

Contact them at 09820026763

And for more of their works, visit their website at

And their facebook page at




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