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Every wedding is unique and has a special story to tell and so is your look on the wedding day. We find every bride too has a different story on their wedding day and none of them are same but is unique in their own ways. Do you want your story to be different from the rest? Well, we’ll help you with that, with the wide range of makeup artists we’ll choose the best one for you and that suit you the best. This time we choose Vinyasa Hippla for you, the artist who’ll also tell you about your health care regime.

This beauty is the product of Vinyasa’s recent creations, and is much outstanding. Amazing! Isn’t she?

Another one from Vinyasa’s bridal diaries looks so precious and elegant at the same time. We love her shade of eyes and her lips that coordinates with everything.

This one is our favorite, as she looks the most elegant in her own skin. Vinyasa had given her the best bridal look for her day.

This is a recent shoot in which Vinyasa had shown her creativity by adorning with the most amazing and subtle look.

This is an elegant look for the bride for her reception where she neither looks too flashy nor too minimal, but looks so apt. We wonder how Vinyasa knows well what to put on such brides.

So, enticed much? We hope you are! And now all determined to select the best for you. And if you choose Vinyasa, please book her in advance. Do let us know the best one that you liked in the comments below.

May you shine bright like your makeup! Keep smiling!

Buzz Vinyasa at 072591 19031. And to view more of her works, check out her Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/vinyasahippla08/


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