-subtle and elegant makeup like never before

We have always been enticed by our makeup artists and their wonderful and amazing work that they do. And since it is the heaviest wedding season going on and you are putting all the efforts for searching for a perfect makeup artist for you, so let us be a little help! This time our pick for you is Nikki Neeladri due to her outstanding recent work that she did for her brides. Don’t believe us? You will! Let’s us go through what she has for us!

A very subtle one for her for her reception that will just make her day and tops her for it! Her smile says it all!


Another elegant one, the charm is all visible for the bride and definitely gonna make her best for her big day.

Giving her an Indian look for her day has been drawn so perfectly by Nikki and she has rocked the day for her. We love how beautifully her eyes had been adorned and her subtle lips too!

Adorning catholic brides to perfection is the favorite job of Nikki it seems. Another beautiful dream for this lady for her day makes her the best.

When brides are taken in monochrome their makeup pictures doesn’t look black and white, it seems more colorful then! That’s the beauty of great makeup when done by great artists like Nikki!

So we know we’ve proved ourselves already as promised you initially, so what are you waiting for? Do book Nikki for your day as well and rock it! Let us know how you liked the brides in the comments below!

May your day be as gorgeous as your makeup! Keep shining!

Buzz Nikki for booking her at 098451 22890 or mail her at nikki@nikkineeladri.com and don’t forget to follow her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/makeupbynikkineeladri

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