-subtle and elegant makeup ideas for your wedding day

Every girl dreams of looking the best on her big day and we are the wish granting people for all those ladies. No, we aren’t blabbering about us but we do the real thing, we have amazing makeup artists who will turn around the world for you and will make your picture perfects, *the picture perfects*.  This time our pick for you is Purple Parrot Studio and they have amazing things to unfold. Let’s go through it and not wait more!

Adorning brides and giving them their most beautiful smile is what artists at Purple Parrot Studio do. Look at her and she smiles the most genuine smile.

Giving her the princess looks with the most subtle and elegant makeover and she looks amazingly gorgeous with that glaze.


We’re completely mesmerized with this traditional hairdo that the artists did for this lady on her day! It gives her the moment of perfection!


The artists know very well how much to put for each of their brides, this one looks like elegant and sensual at the same time!



So every effort is worth the show, this bride looks so traditional in her looks and is too satisfied as she got the look perfectly as she wanted.


From sensual to gorgeous and from elegant to adorable, Purple Parrot Studio are great artists, giving the best look that suits the bride for the day. We recommend you to book them as soon as possible if it matches your expectations! Go grab it!

May your day be as beautiful as your makeup!

So email them at purpleparrot.makeup@gmail.com.

And to view more of their works, check out their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/purpleparrotmakeup




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