-Glance and glitter all at one place

We know that you are very much eager to know what we have for you today, as each time we promise to bring you something outstanding the next time. This time we have something amazing to share, yes, its about our favorite ones, Zorains Studio! They have something wonderful this time to unfold, art worthy makeup artists who creates history into the world of Indian weddings. Can’t wait to get them what they have?

Look at the stunning Diva who is all set to rock her day and with that glaze on her face she’s gonna take everyone’s heart away!

She is again ready for her reception into her own skin and adorned by Zorains again this time. She looks so gorgeous and would be a legit unicorn at her show. We love how artists have given her eye makeup in both the functions, so different and apt each time!

Mohamdan bride all adorned in elegance looks amazingly royal in her colors and makeovers! We love her hairdo!

We love how artistic work of artists at Zorains Studio is. Here is a beautiful example with eyes so much to reveal.

The beautiful bride in pink here is again prepared to make her day a beautiful memory of lifetime. Look at her glance on her eyes.

This is more than enough to make you realize whom to choose for your day and it is Zorains, so why wait? Go get them before it gets to late. Do let us know who your favorite bride among was from the above in the comments below!

May you shine like your makeup!

Get in touch with the artist at 099000 32855

And to check out more of her works, check out her website at http://www.zorainsstudio.com/

And follow their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/zorainkhaleeli/


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