-Some gorgeous makeup looks for your bridesmaid.

“BFFs don’t only share their lineage, but also share their profound joys, darkest secrets and deepest sorrows. You can stop being a Miss, but you will forever be a best friend.”

This blog today, is dedicated to those lovely ladies who have always been more than a friend to the BRIDE. Who knows her in and out. The one she can turn to any hour of the day. Someone whom the bride has shared her laughs; her cries with; who will hold her bridal dress while she pees…

Yes, it’s the lovely BRIDESMAID.

We all know that being the bride's best friend comes along with a great deal of responsibility and also with the major task to look perfect. And for that you need inspiration to style, and that’s where our awesome makeup artist comes to your rescue. So go easy on your wedding frenzy, and look fabulous with our artist on board - MUA PEHAL AHUJA.


This pretty lady deserves to look as gorgeous as she can ever be. And to prep her for her BFFs wedding day, we bring you MUA PEHAL AHUJA. Pehal Ahuja not only makes the Bride look stunning, but also gives her friends a.k.a. bridesmaids unmatchable beauty!

Let’s scroll through some cherry picked looks from the Pehal’s beauty diaries to inspire you…

A true friend of the bride dreams about her BFF’s wedding since ever. And when the day comes, she deserves to look gorgeous and as elegant as ever. So, its really important to all you lovely bridesmaids of those beautiful brides out there, that do not forget about yourself and you deserve to look picture perfect.

One way to ensure that you look absolutely darling on your bff's wedding eve?  Get in touch with MUA Pehal Ahuja and rock that flawless makeup.

After looking at all these beautiful pictures of these lovely ladies, we just can’t stop gushing about the flawless beauty. And kudos to Makeup artist Pehal Ahuja.

So hurry up and book her before the time runs out. Get in touch with the talented artist at 08861264897

And to view more of her works, check out her facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/PehalAhuja/


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