-Artist with a beauty wand

When your Bridal makeup is done by Urmi Shah, who is one of the most sought after Makeup Artist, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We all know the importance of makeup on your big day, and it’s all in the hands of your makeup artist

Her forte lies in creating most natural look for her brides.

Her works makes us believe in the fact that Makeup truly does magic and it can transform anyone into the best version of them. Have trouble believing us??

Then, see for your self. We have handpicked some bridal makeover looks for all our lovely brides out there, by MUA URMI.

Lets scroll through them.

Caution Warning: The images might lead your heart to go spitter-spatter!!

The 'fresh-faced' dewy natural look is definitely taken over dramatic over-the-top bridal makeup.And no one is doing it better that MUA URMI.

Tangerine infused lips and soft hues of eye shadow on this bride is mesmerizing.

Keeping the natural texture of hair and working on it in form of an elegant up do, while giving the bride some hints od bold on her lips and eyes- Urmi does wonders here and gives us a perfect combination of Pretty and Powerful!

Eyes kissed with Midas touch, lips dipped in the most tender hue- This bride looks simply stunning.

You must be gushing on these makeup looks just like us. Well, you too can look absolutely radiant just like these lovely brides.

All you have to do is get in touch with our artist MUA URMI.

And isn’t it wonderful to know that she is just a call away.

Give Urmi a buzz at 09841166966

Or email her at magicofurmi@gmail.com

And to view more of her works, check out her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/urmidesigns/


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