-decoding her bride’s personal style with her makeup.

Makeup artist Parul Khattar, with her humble roots in Bangalore, are stealing hearts of many brides by her skillful and multicultural approach to makeup. Providing the most impeccable make-up applications and hair styling is her niche. All packed with her unmatched skills, she will arrive with her warm and charismatic personality.

Here are some of her works. So, scroll down and get amazed.

From contouring, to perfect lashes, and every shade of blush, and lipstick in between, Parul is a pro who has mastered the art of enhancing a woman's natural beauty and be a true personality fit for every bride’s wedding day.

The soft and dreamy look down here is effortlessly pulled off by Parul on this gorgeous bride.

And at the same time she rocks the ultraglam too.

She has an eye for color, and specializes in fresh, glowing skin and eyes that command attention. Her fun, yet professional attitude and simple, yet beautiful looks are testament to her loyal bridal clientele.

Decoding their personal styles, her services are completely customized to the client’s needs, hence making every bride the very best version of themselves.

Her looks are flawless with beautiful skin, perfect brows, defined eye liner with stunning lashes.

So to get in her rolodex, contact Parul at 08197182223

And to view more of her works, check her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ParulKhattarMakeupArtist/

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