-beautiful new age brides in their amazing vibes

Come to 2018, we’ve realized that no function at your wedding is small old school but as important as the wedding. So for that you need to look your best in every occasion, be it haldi, mehendi, engagement or reception and we’re always here to assist you. We love how new age bride aren’t afraid to experiment with makeup and are showing off to their best. The makeup artists too are so updated like wise. Now here’s Nandini with her new looks for her brides at Velvet Mizzle. They’re shining bright like diamonds and let’s go through it!

Beautifully adorned bride for her day wedding in her simple and elegant makeover by Nandini.

Another one with perfect lip shade and with that charm will do wonders for her day. So what do you think?

Adorable and priceless diva with her gorgeous eyes will get all the attentions at her day. Her perfect arched eyebrows and perfect contouring is giving her the best version of her. 

Not only the face but the hair too, Nandini knows very well how to make perfect of the brides and here we love the hairdo.

This bride is our favorite and she shines like a legit princess. She is sure to take everyone’s heart at her day.

So if you’re that of a modern bride who loves to experiment then Nandini is the one for you. Do book her fast and let us know the best one in the above brides in the comments below.

Don’t forget to book Nandini, buzz her on 090718 80269 or mail on nandini.tiwary@yahoo.in

And for more gorgeous works, do visit her page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Velvet-Mizzle-Makeup-by-Nandini


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