We at ShaadiElephant are always on the lookout for something unique, creative and out of the box for our clients. This time we have found out some incredibly innovative wedding invitation card ideas for you. Now you must be thinking that no one really bothers about the invitation cards, but if you opt for one of these then they will surely.

Puzzle invitation

Didn’t you just love playing puzzle when you were kids? I surely did. Give your guests a merry time to put in all the puzzles and bring in some fun through this very unique puzzle invitation card.

Image source: Pinterest

Photo Booth picture Invitation

Ah, now talk about being creative here! A simple design with an element of fun by placing your photo booth picture with your bae.

Image source: Pinterest

Postcard invitation

Go the old traditional way of inviting to your wedding. You can add two to three sheets more for different occasions.

Image source: Pinterest

Photo Ring invitation

I just love anything that is hand-made. Like this one, putting up pictures of your favorite moments together attached with a ribbon and then closing it in a small box.

Schedule of your wedding or any other occasion can be on the back side of the pictures.

Image source: Pinterest

Box wedding invitation

This is the most popular style of inviting guests these days and I am guessing it started with the Shahid – Mira wedding. A classy invite which included a small card with wedding schedule and contained small jars of honey & tea.

Boarding Pass invitation

How about a boarding pass invitation to a destination wedding? If you love to travel you never miss this wedding!

Image source: Pinterest

Newspaper  invitation

# Did you two lovebirds always made headlines? Send out newspaper invitations to your closed ones, your uncles would really dig into this one!

Tea Towel wedding invite

If you are a tea lover, then you should definitely try this wedding invite. Easy to make and also cost effective. You can order these online and they will print the invite on the towel. If you like you can put this invite in a box along with other herbs and tea flavors for your guests.

World Map wedding invitation

Fond of travelling? Having a destination wedding? Or you and your fiancé belong to different continents? Anything will work for this kind of invite.

# Vinyl record wedding invitation

This invitation reminds of the awesome 80s! Suits those who are still ‘old school’ and fond of the times when we used to listen to music on gramophones.

# Match Box wedding invitations

‘Baby, you light my world on fire!’ It’s as creative as it looks. Where to get them? There are vendors who make customized wedding cards in Delhi NCR such Po Tweet Invitation. 

# School Notebook wedding invitations

For those whose love stories go way back to their childhood or were school sweethearts, then you will love this one.

And how about a pop quiz as RSVPs for the students?

# Comic strip wedding invitations

Get your invitation cards customized in the form of your favorite comic characters. Archie and Betty maybe?

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