-Burst of love, or shall we say Burst of colors!!!

Aren’t we all suckers for romance!! And what spells romance more than sunsets.

That blaze of color gives us a hope that no matter what happens, every day has a beautiful end.

Sunsets give color to our dream and an extra curve to our smiles.

Romance and sunsets go hand in hand. This stunning time of the day is a perfect opportunity for any couple to reminisce their love.

And what better way to do it than capturing your ardor in this extraordinary backdrop.

Say Cheeze Photography is giving us some major sunset pre-wedding shoot goals.

Cherry picking some of their truly mesmerizing clicks, we are here today to bring alive the passion of our hearts…

The subtle hue infused in the sky and the silhouettes of these lovebirds is nothing less that spectacular.

There is nothing more romantic than this couple taking a stroll under the sunset sky, to their own rhythm.

The bursts of saffron in that vast sky and the ocean dissolving at the horizon in the beauty of love is simply mesmerizing.

The most gorgeous shade of blue infused sunset sky and the majestic monument providing a stunning backdrop, this shot of this equally mesmerizing couple gives an impression as if this entire scenery has been exquisitely painted by an artist.

These lovely shots taken of the lovelier couples in the most romantic time of the day gives us a hope of a Happy End! And all these beautiful moments have been etched in eternity by the excellence of Say Cheeze Photography.

To catch them for your pre wedding and wedding photo-shoot, inbox them at nikleshmalkani@gmail.com

And to view more of their works, check out their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/saycheezephotography/

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