-amazing wedding captures

A big shout-out to all the photographers in our lists who are creating big and wide histories in the world of Indian weddings, really they are giving the world’s most beautiful gift to the couples by capturing the best of the memories for them. One of such photographers is Raj Bachan who had always been amazed us with his commendable work. This time we’ll focus more on the non-cliché that he captured and made it so wonderful!

Look at those bride’s feet, so elegant it is! Perfectly captured by Raj Bachan!

Bridal lehenga and jewelry before she gets ready is amazingly captured to seize it forever!

Why must groom’s things lag behind, they are too important! Here’s the shoes captured for groom!

Groom’s attire perfectly captured before the wedding, giving it an apt shot! All ready to set fire on stage!

Marvelous shot for the whole wedding stage area, isn’t it so beautiful? It’s giving us the royalty of the wedding and the couples as well.

Amazing canopy of dinner area captured the best way by Raj Bachan and his team of photographers!

Making the best of every scenario is what Raj Bachan Photography is pro at! They capture the best shots for every moment and make it a beautiful memory to cherish for you! Do book them beforehand without giving it a second thought, as they are too occupied! Let us know how you liked the blog in the comments below!

Buzz him on 9820092724 or you can mail him on bachanraj@gmail.com and don’t forget to follow his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Raj-Bachan-Photography-117090812440308


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