-beauty fireworks for your monsoon wedding by the best of the best.

Monsoon weddings are so romantic. The freshness in the air, that cool breeze, everything is pure bliss. And when you are getting married in this romantic season, nothing can beat it.

So such a pretty season wedding deserve your beauty in full bloom. And who better to give it to you than MUA PUSHPA LATHA.

So, today, we have curated some looks for you to adorn at your monsoon wedding

The peach lips with fresh skin will go flawlessly with your beautiful rainy season wedding.

While this beautiful bright tangerine infused hue looks great as a lip color, it looks equally exceptional as a smokey eye makeup on this lovey bride by Pushpa.

While this season makes everything around us bloom in their full glory, why not put some beautiful blooms in your hairdo.

Just like this bride here whose braid is bejeweled by dainty florals.

While we might be a little overwhelmed by the stunning hue of orange in bridal makeup, here is a bride with flawlessly blended skin, lush lashes, and deeply tinted lips. With her hair adorned in exquisitely, this bride by Pushpa steals our hearts.

Well, your bridal beauty can make heads turn if you hold the hand of this Beauty-Godmother, MUA PUSHPA LATHA.

So, to get in her rolodex, get in touch with her at 099458 24513

And, to view more of her works, to inspire you with your bridal makeover dreams, check out her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Makeup-artist-pushpa-225650767827121/

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