-breathtaking bridal beauty by brilliant artist Alisha.


Makeup artist Alisha Charania- The Cordon bleu amongst the many bridal makeup artists across our country, who specializes in styling your dream bridal look with the help of bespoke makeup products and salt of the earth techniques. She can be your fairy godmother, waving their magic wand over your radiant beauty and promising a spectacle. Not only will she make a perfect style statement for you, but will also embrace the smallest tit bits of your demeanor… from those beautiful flowers in your hair, the decadent eye makeup to the delicate glow. MUA ALISHA has always been the quintessence of details.

We have cherry picked some of her looks for you today. Let’s have a Scroll…

This exclusive and enviable beauty of the bride here is opulent. From her hairdo, to the subtle hues of perfection flawlessly blended in her skin is just out of this world.

Develop your own signature style by Alisha’s timeless and flawless work. Her talent and charming energy will surely make you feel ravishing inside and out. Take an example of this gorgeous lady here, her stunning pink glow is marvelous against he porcelain skin and impressive smokey eyes and brightly dipped lips.

The artist uses state of the art products and gives confident looks to their brides. She is extraordinarily talented to add that “much needed drama” to your eyes and providing an eclectic image to her brides.

Alisha’s glamorous eye catching makeup will highlight your individuality and will make a very empowering statement. She is specialized in creating a naturally bold and radiant look for the brides on their big day. 


So for giving your beauty the ultimate perfection, get in touch with this genius makeup artist at 097272 87770

And to view more of her works, check out her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Alisha.charania.89/

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