We have rounded up a super fun quiz for you where you get to know your bridal style!

Indian brides are beautiful, elegant and ever so bedazzling. Each and every bride on her day has a style of her own that makes her stand out. So we rounded up a super fun quiz for you where you get to know your bridal style.

1. Pick your kind of bridal Lehenga

2. Pick an Engagement Ring

3. Choose your dream Venue

4. How did your fiancé Propose?

5. Pick a Tradition

6. Where are you going on your Honeymoon?

A) GREECE                                       B) PARIS                                   C) GOA                                         D) VENICE

7. Choose a Hairstyle



Well done Girsl!

Embrace yourself for the result now!!

Your answers:


Mostly A’s

The bindaas bride

Your personal style isn’t stuck in yesteryear, so why should your wedding be? You want to enjoy every moment of this day and you are not shy to hide your excitement.


Mostly B’s

The Royal bride

Everything in your wedding brings out your aura! You know that your wedding is no less than a fairytale. All eyes of the world are upon you


Mostly C’s

The sophisticated bride

Sleek and stylish is the name of your bridal game. Not an inch of your outfit or your makeup is out of place. You look for perfection in each detail.


Mostly D’s

The Classic bride

You want everything from beautiful elegant lehnga to class apart decorations. You are the feminine and traditional bride whose style every girl would want to imitate.



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