-making you look like a million stars.

A wedding is the perfect and only occasion for a bride to wear her style with great panache.

And with Bridal makeup being so varied in todays times, every maiden is looking for a look that is classy yet as matchless as a blue diamond.

Makeup artist Urmi Shah is one artist who has helped many a bride to look their most spectacular self on their wedding eve.

We have curated some of her beautiful styles for the brides to wants to look traditional with the spiral of modern chic.

Let’s take a look…

Curled to perfect lashes, this bride’s eyes are her highlight. And Urmi has managed to put the spotlight on her expressive eyes with flawless makeup complimenting her charm.

These sculpted twists of hair with dainty flowers draped around them, makes this bride simply elegant without feeling overdone.

Those tresses cascading in “old world charm” waves, this bride’s look is giving us super glamorous feels.

Highly defined and dewey cheekbones, super arched eyebrows and well sculpted lips; and now you throw in a fragrant gajra- Et voilà!! What beauty behold our eyes!!!

Makeup plays a great role in how symmetrical and well chiseled your face looks. And when its you D-Day in question, no stone must be left unturned.

Our MUA Urmi Shah ensures this. So why fret when she is just a call away.

Get in touch with her at 09841166966

and let your makeup worries subside forever.

And to view more of her works, check out her facebook oage at https://www.facebook.com/urmidesigns/


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