- This infinity and beyond shoot will leave us with smiles and goosebumps

Marriages are made in heaven, but it is the photographer that converts the fairy tale to reality in terms of beautiful pictures.

Beauty is in the heart, soul and to a very extent in the eyes of the beholder. Viral Dharod from Wedding Rollers is one such Candid Wedding and a Lifestyle Photographer, who imprints the beauty using a combination of his eyes, hands and his camera lens.

When we look at the wedding photography, most of the times the focus is on the grandeur and not on the small things. How grand the wedding was, how lavish was the decoration and how beautiful was the jewelry, are the only things conveyed by the photographers. With Viral Dharod, the focus is on the tiniest of the details in a wedding. 

These infinities and beyond photos will leave you with smiles and goosebumps. So let’s take a look and fall into the romantic dream we all love.

Every wedding is a love story. Viral Dharod and his team capture the essence of that story and display the tale through lovely photographs.

The beauty of the bride sparkled like the stars and her wedding ensemble looked like the most radiant thing ever.

And now comes the squad… The groomsmen and the bridesmaids having a super time amongst all the grooving.

Wow, we just can’t stop feeling all mushy with the genius photography skills of this brilliant photographer.

To make your journey a memorable one, please contact Viral Dharod at 09322510168

And to view more of their works, check out their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/weddingrollers/

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