Are you getting married in the scorching heat of Indian summer? Beat the heat with these icy cool ideas and some effervescence to your summer wedding. These are great way to make sure you and your guests have a great time!

  1. Décor 

There are numerous different centerpieces that you can do for your wedding. But these are the few ones that scream ‘Summer’! Tropical centerpieces such as the Sand and flower are perfect for that soft pastel color themed wedding. Put some lemons and flowers in a mason jar and voila! You have got yourself a chic centerpiece.

Don’t we all love having coconut water during summers? Having a coconut centerpiece would be so refreshing!


Add on:

Such a cute little bicycle centerpiece – love the innovation and imagination!


A Summer without bright colors? Doesn’t sound quite right. Use origami decorations, paper lanterns which are so easy to make and definitely suit your budget. Alternatively if you are fond of flowers then you can go for some flower arrangement as shown below.


2. Drink Station

If you are having an outdoor summer wedding, then you can adopt any of the below ideas as a refreshments for your guests.

As far as the cocktails are concerned, go for the small beer cart or even a beer station!

3. Flip flops & Sunglasses

To heal the sore feet due to dancing on your weddings or maybe running the last minute errands for you; offer flip flops to your guests and bridesmaids.

And for your eyes only! You can keep sunglasses handy for your guests.

4. Mehndi/Cocktail Pool Party

How fun would be to sit near a pool sipping something cold with your friends, it can be for your Mehndi or a Cocktail. Your friends and relatives will love you for this!

5. Floral or Sandalwood Paper Fans

Just in case it gets too hot to handle provide your guests with floral printed or even naturally scented paper fans.

6. Parasols

Use parasols for yourself and your guests to block that heat away! You can use colorful ones as well.

7. Summery send off

Do wish to arrive or move in style? How about arriving for your reception on a hot air ballon or leave on a bicycle. Check out Karan Singh Grover’s entry on a scooter on his wedding with Bips.


All Images: Pinterest

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