-drool-worthy shoot for you to catch-up and hang on

If you really want your beautiful love story to actualize in a frame and want to keep it forever then Lucky Malhotra is here to give wings to your story of life. He is so sensible that he understand your emotions so well, you need not to explain much, and he’ll read your eyes and rest is on him. Be it candid (in which he is brilliant), traditional or cinematography Lucky will add life to everything, we’re here with his recent amazing collections of captures for you to drool over! Let’s take a spree!

Awesome couple, amazing love birds with an amazing love story and the photographer has just captured it so right! This amazing photographer is so at-ease kind of person that the couples don’t forget to be themselves every time they’re captured. Have a look at this love saga. 

This amazing shoot shows how comfortable and special both of them are with each other. We could easily feel the chemistry between them!

Love again, captured in another way! Amazing! Isn’t it? Don’t you wanna same for yours?

It says, when you capture in monochrome you don’t capture people, instead, you capture their souls, Lucky did it just in the moment, we could see two souls meant for each other. Eternal couples, look so beautiful in the picture!

We’re so swooned over these lovey-dovey amazing pre-wedding shoots that we just don’t want to get back to senses and we know that you’re drooling over them over and over. Indeed, he’s so worth it! So, there you go all set for your amazing shoot and getting his back for it (we know you’re so sure about Lucky). Well such amazingly reviewed and with all happy customers he is all ready to travel miles for you. Don’t wait; just book in your calendars (for he’s too much in demand).

May your day be as beautiful as your love story! Stay shining!

You can buzz him on 099450 00119 or mail on  luckymalhotraphotography@gmail.com

Don’t forget to follow him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/luckymalhotraphotography/ and his instagram page


For his fashion work you can follow his other Instagram page https://instagram.com/luckymalhotraphotography

Website – www.luckymalhotra.com


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