-pre-wedding shoots in the most graceful way

We know how important is a pre-wedding shoot and coming to 2018 we’ve seen such innovative ones from our photographers that are completely trending these days. And one such is Tritirtha Roy who is expert in making mundane so adorable and innovative. We’ll go through the wedding tale for Tanmay & Nilam this time which Tritirtha captured.

These lovelies were captured among the rocks and the clicks were so amazing that we can’t just put our eyes off!

That rain effect that the photographer gave is so amazing that it totally poured out the romantic theme for them!

This one is into the woods and such a swoon-worthy picture that it’s a great inspiration for others!  

Another gorgeous click below those clouds which are about to rain, giving the best feeling ever. We love how Tritirtha creates such comfortable zone for the couples for best captures.

Another one with best location and giving the apt focus to them creating the best of the moments for Tanmay & Nilam.

No wonder these pictures are amazing and you’re already drooling over it as we do! So looking to book him for your pre-wedding shoot? Then go for it!

Let us know how you liked it in the comments below!

Buzz Tritirtha on 07411474432 and don’t forget to follow his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tritirtharoyphotography



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