-Deepan Vartak from Studio 90 Weddings is one you’re looking for this crazy wedding season

It will be soon that time of your life when you’ll be taking a plunge with your Bae! When you’ll be there on your day getting clicked, but have you ever thought how your poses should be or how your candid shots should be? Well, that’s none of your business to think about, let the photographer think about it and so you should get such a skilled one who does it perfectly. This time our all favorite Deepan Vartak at Studio 90 Weddings with immense years of experience is here with a bang. Let’s take a trip over his latest collections of them!

The moment they fell in love they decided they had to spend their lives together and their wedding depicts the true love they have for each other through Deepan Vartak lens, and it’s clearly visible in this amazing shot!

Matches are made in heaven, and so is this charming couple, a shoot by Deepan shows such realistic aspects that you’ll be fan of him.

This pre-wedding shoot of this pair has got us swooning like how! The best part is the location that Deepan chose for them where they decided to be just themselves, that’s being credible and authentic, and then that all just came out as wow!

We’re sure we’ll make you fall in love with this one, too much flavors in one single picture, Are you also getting Bollywood feel here?

What’s brilliant here is, no fake poses, no fake expressions-just real cozy and intimate-their pre-wedding shoot is great.

Taking pictures of these Aww-dorable couples that show how dedicated Deepan is with his work that includes his sentiments with his work as well. Truly! These shoots show it all, that how tenderly (with love) these pictures have been captured.

This one is adorable and so natural and that shows how our photographer made the couple comfortable that they forgot that they’ve been captured but intend to be in natural poses!

Whether you are planned or unplanned, this capturer will run miles for you and will make it happen *with love*, even with last minute hassle, they’ll make sure it’ll go smooth. These effortless shoots are good examples for his recent captures which are Trending AF these days!

So are you planning to have such graceful pre wedding photo shoot like them, tell us your plans then!

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