-makeup that lasts longer despite of the weather and your mood swings!

We hope that all your preparations for your big day are going smooth and fine, and if not you know why are we here for. Summers are killers in the preparations and when it comes to choosing makeup artists you need to be a lot more careful! But we have a good range of artists to assist you during your amazing moment of the day! This time our pick for you is Sunitha Behura for your savior of scorching summers. Let’s take a trip over her recent work to make you even surer for her!

Sunitha had always been our favorite pick! This bride makes it even stronger, perfectly adorned with all that glitters and glamour of her day.

Very attractive makeup for this lady for her reception taking all our heart away! Amazing and enticing! Isn’t it?

Amazing makeover for this bride who is sure to grab everyone’s attention on her big day by her looks! We’re completely swooned!

Beautiful one expressing her innate beauty, we love her eyes and hairdo! So subtle yet so precious! Isn’t she?

Sunitha had always amazed us from her brilliant work that she does, from day one! And you’ve too become a fan of her and her works speaks itself. And this time summers have become bearable due to artists like these for all the brides who chose her and the results are in front of you. Don’t forget to book her for your big day if you really want to have such beautiful smiles just like these brides.  Do let us know your favorite among above in the comments below!

May your day be as gorgeous as your makeup! Keep shining!

Get in touch with the artist at behura.suni@gmail.com

And follow Sunitha’s facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/Makeover-by-Sunitha-Behura-1079898125393642/ and get all the info on the bridal looks done by her.

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