-get hold of this great makeup artist for amazing makeovers

So many makeup artists and so many brides, how would you know that it’s a #winwin for you? Well it is when you get a makeup artist like Nikki Neeladri, without any doubt; here we’ll prove you why. We’ve already given you goosebumps in our last talk about the amazing hair-do she does. Let’s talk about these amazing brides she adorned recently,

Just like a real goddess, this bride is so adorable with the power of Nikki’s makeup that we just can’t take our eyes off. Notice her eyes, looking so gorgeous.

One of the picture from the princess diary for this beautiful bride and Nikki made it so possible. A dream from childhood came true to the realities of life for this amazing bride as her makeup speaks for itself.

No, we don’t stop here, we’ve more to go! Such an elegant makeup for this stunning bride, you know what’s so special about this? Well it’s the subtle and natural touch that she has, making it so wonderful! Pretty!

Beautiful South Indian bride catching everyone’s eye at her wedding is the most beautiful thing of the day. Nikki has made her so gorgeous that it just reflects on her face so rightly! Look at those beautiful eyes with a tinge of silver dust charming the aura!

Such an arena of beautiful and gorgeously adorned brides and we are so fortunate to share it with you. So are you already enticed? That’s the beauty of Nikki’s magic wand. Let’s get her to you on your day as well and that’s our promise to you!

Buzz Nikki for booking her at 098451 22890 or mail her at nikki@nikkineeladri.com and don’t forget to follow her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/makeupbynikkineeladri


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