-amazing makeovers for brides this season

Are you looking forward to look your best at your wedding day? Of course it’s every girl’s dream. But when we talk about blind trust and immense loyalty, Pushpa Krishnappa is the one for you. Known for her pro makeup skills and specialization in bridal makeovers, Pushpa has made a lot of brides’ beautiful day, most beautiful day of their life. Choosing the right makeup artist according to your wishes and wills seems like a task, right? Don’t worry we are here for you so that you catch everyone’s attention at your D-day and make it worthy enough to be catching your glimpses into everyone’s eyes even after ages of your marriage.

Gorgeous bride for ready for her reception, she looks flawless and beautiful. By this time we’ve seen brides in their traditional outfits and so was their makeup, this bride goes away from all the cliché and turns to be a little indo-western in her ensemble. Pushpa just loved dressing her up from tip to toe.

Pushpa is so good at hairs, and she makes brides hair look so wonderful that you would love it like we do! This side bun with embellishments is the best thing to see today!

Phoolon ka gajra adorned in the hairs forming a gorgeous bun is the USP for this amazing bride.

The whole ensemble is a replica of perception and coordination, from tip to toe nothing seems offbeat, it’s swings in harmony rather! Well, that’s the beauty of the work of a perfectionist.

Here comes our pretty bride, we just don’t want you to see it but want you to feel their bliss of delight. Perfection is at its best and contouring done so well. Do notice the hairstyle as well! They are just so elegant and exquisite.

So, aren’t these surprise you? Why battle with a million thoughts and get worried when we are here to give arms to your fashion savvy and gorgeous mind to look most gorgeous at your day as it’s only and only your day. Pushpa is here to make it worth “the day” for you, get hold of her and relax!

May your smile be as flawless as your makeup!

Let us know which one was your best makeover among these in the comments below!

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