-recent bridal makeup from Vinyasa’s bridal diary

Ah! You ladies and bride-to-be’s out there who are getting blues of how they’ll be looking at the wedding, don’t need to worry now. With such great artists we are always there to make you feel at ease! After all you guys always want somebody who could take your recommendations into considerations rather than forcing a look on you, Vinyasa Hippla, she’s also super punctual (no diva tantrums-coz let’s face it you’re the only one allowed to be a diva that day) and she also travels for the venue which is a major plus.

She’ll make you feel like there’s nothing on your face-her makeup is full of grace as you could see on this bride who looks so natural and elegant.


You’ll never want post wedding skin look tragic and Vinyasa knows that so well and that’s why she chooses best of makeup cosmetics for your skin as here it’s a total #winwin. This Southy bride is full in swing to make her day the best one!

If you want to keep it stunning yet light then Vinyasa will do it for you as she gives simple yet glam look for that you’ll instantly fell for.


She is so friendly that all your jitters will just go away, unlike the makeup that stayed all night! Here you could see all that glam in a subtle way!

Look at the beautiful flower bun for this lady and that shows how pro Vinyasa is at making hairdos! Did you too like it?

There, now you know what Vinyasa could do and she don’t just make you look pretty but feel good too-that’s why it’s important to weigh so much more to find the best makeup artist for you. More than worth her weight in glitter, wouldn’t you say, a good makeup artist can really make your day.

Tell us in comment what you liked the most! Till then keep shining!

You can buzz her on 072591 19031 or mail on hhvinyasa@gmail.com

All picture credits-https://www.facebook.com/vinyasahippla08


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