- such colorful brides from Anushka’s pallet

Have you still not finalized your makeup artist for your big day? Then you must listen to us today, our pick for you is Anushka today from Colours by Anushka! As the name itself gives a shine on the face similarly is her makeup! She does wonders to brides and you need to believe us on it!

Happy brides are the prettiest and making a happy ride isn’t easy but there’s one tool that makes it easy and our artists perfectly know it! Yes, through makeup, Anushka too knows it so well, see this happy bride here!

Subtle one for her making her a perfect as she could be! Amazing she looks! Isn’t it?

So elegant she looks in the day makeup by Anushka, as she is making her day best as ever by being the happiest!

A gentle smile adds shine and when your lips are decorated well they just add wonders! She is our favorite and keeps that shine intact though!

From perfectly adorned to keeping subtle Anushka knows all makeup art well, what suits her brides! And this amazement won’t go that easy making a statement all through! Don’t forget to book her for your day as well. Let us know your favorite among above in the comments below!

May you shine as bright as your makeup!

Buzz Anushka at  097909 44302 for booking and don’t forget to follow her on facebook on https://www.facebook.com/coloursbyanushka/

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