-encompassing all the beauty that a bride can attain

MUA Anneiitais known for her versatile makeup talent. 

She understands brides of different culture, understands their tradition and values and then continues her work. Her skills are exceptional and the lady herself is brilliant.

From the highlighters to contours, the artist has all her magic tricks up her sleeve.

Today we have a plethora of her beauty looks and we just can’t get enough. Hopefully you won’t too…

This super dainty hairdo is the sure shot way to nail that dreamy look.

Everything comes with a classic sensibility for this bride. With beautiful updo adorned with glorious jewelry, “All the drama in my eyes” makeup and Ah! How can we miss that sizziling hue on those well defined lips.

And that’s how she looks, like a traditional Indian Bride - faultless and eternal.

Hair laden with gajra, spell bounding eye makeup and lips brightened to make this bride look like sunshine. Well, our artist is total love!

Makeup is a detailed art which takes plenty of research and time for you to find the pro who will read you like a book and that’s why MUA ANNEIITA is a perfect fit for your important day. 

From your contouring, all shades of blush, lipsticks and shadows to brow shaping, she will give you the look that no one will be able to stop staring at.

So, without any further delay, catch a hold of her at 077689 07245. 

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