As a new bride, you have a zillion things to worry about, makeup being at top of the list! Learn these handy tricks to keep looking gorgeous from the expert herself!

Hi Ayesha, How long have you been doing makeup and how did you get started?

I’ve been doing makeup since the past 7years and have done over 300 brides so far. I became a makeup artist by accident.My best friend was getting married and she didn’t want to hire a makeup artist. Since she always liked the makeup I did on myself, she insisted I do her wedding makeup that makes her look pretty but not made up. It was a grand wedding; people started liking and appreciating my make-up. Calls started pouring in for enquiry and I felt maybe this was my calling.Before I knew it I did 35 bridals in the next few months!

What do you love most about doing makeup?

Makeup is an extension of my art. I used to do water paintings so make up comes naturally to me and doesn’t seem like work. In fact it’s my biggest stress buster. When brides look pretty their level of confidence and self esteem increases. That gives me a total high. I love working with brides and feel extremely proud to be a part of one of the most important day of their lives. A thank you note from my bride makes my day.On the other hand, working on ad films and print shoots bring a lot of creative satisfaction. It gives me an opportunity to create characters.

What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

Unlike most makeup artist who just go and do makeup for the bride on the wedding day, I actually am involved with the bride much prior to the main day in helping her customize the entire look for the big day. My brides mostly book me months in advance and I’m involved in the process of selecting the right jewelery, accessories etc to create a look that is exclusive.

Apart from this I’m also a beauty coach and consultant. Some of my brides sign up with me few months before their wedding for a total transformation. Under this program I guide them about their skin care regime, their diet, the skin treatments they need to undergo if any, their hair care , hair makeover if required, their basic exercise program and grooming tips. This leads to a total transformation. They shed their extra pounds, have beautiful and glowing skin and shiny hair. So I’m a part of their whole journey of being a beautiful bride. And the makeover on the final day is just the final icing on the cake!!

Today’s woman is busier than ever. What is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day/work look into something that works for night out?

The easiest way to go glam from a day look would be :-

  • Brush some dark brown eye/ bronze smoky shadow on the lids.
  • Coat the lashes with few layers of mascara to give length and volume.
  • Apply sum bronzer on your cheekbones to highlight them
  • Apply a lipstick matching your outfit and make it look pouty by layering it with gloss.

You’ve done such beautiful work on so many celebrities. Who have you not worked on that you’d kill to get into your chair?

I would love to do Priyanka Chopra’s makeup someday. I’m totally inspired by her and her style. She can be made to look like a girl next door or a glamorous diva and she carries it off with ease. She gets better with every project she does and her talent is limitless. I aspire to be like her.

If you weren’t a makeup artist, what else would you be?

Besides make-up, I’m very passionate about empowering women. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. My own life journey is a proof that a woman can achieve anything if she believes in herself.  So I’d probably be a transformation coach.And to pursue this passion I’ve branched out into beauty coaching. 

How does a bride with your makeup look like?

Natural, confident and radiant with their best features enhanced to make them look like their most beautiful version.

What trends are popular these days in terms of hairstyles for the brides?

Classical 60s style updos, Braided buns, Messy buns embellished with fresh flowers are trending this summer among brides.


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