-Grace of his work precedes his reputation.

Vogue and style resonates with HIM. And while he is in the middle of numerous high fashion shoots, he makes space for some very lucky weddings. Yes Guys! This maven is the one and only LUCKY MALHOTRA.

So, whenwe talk about bridal photography, Lucky is your number one go-to person, coming right from our rolodex.

Nothing spells perfection than your ideal venue, beautiful wedding décor, cake, dress, flowers and to top it all off Lucky’s fly-on-the-wall discretion and his skillful photography.

His incessant love for fashion and style, his craving for perfection, and a non stop desire to capture beauty, is what sets his work class apart.

His photographs speak the unspeakable of all emotions. The way they capture the fashion and the beauty of everything, is impeccable. Don’t believe us?? Then see for yourself in this little bit of the plethora of their excellence.

These images speaks volumes about 'the moment’.

Lucky is converting every bride’s natural moments as visual memories.

Beauty is in the heart, soul and to a very extent in the eyes of the beholder. Lucky Malhotra is one Photographer, who imprints the beauty using a combination of his eyes, hands and his camera lens.

A combination of fantasy and reality, fashion and beauty, Lucky’s approach is heavily influenced by elegance.

Be it dynamic and edgy, subtle and classic or anything in between; Lucky’s talent is incredible.

These infinities and beyond bridal portraitshave left us with smiles and goosebumps. And we believe that like us you too have fallen into the romantic dream we all love.

To get your perfect moments more perfect contact this connoisseur of photography at at luckymalhotraphotography@gmail.com

And to view more of his gorgeous works, check out his web page at http://luckymalhotra.com/

And facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/luckymalhotraphotography/

And his Instagram page at Instagram.com/luckymalhotraphotography



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