-capturing memories for infinity and a day more.

Want your wedding memories to be as precious as your wedding ring?

Then you will adore the fresh take on wedding photography by the lensmen at Light Strokes.

With the sanctity of wedding rituals in place, the team gives the entire occasion a slight hint of romance, which is really beautiful.

Let’s take a closer look at the images shot for some lovely couples…

Spoiler Alert: The Photographers have done a marvelous job with the colors as well the timeless monochrome.

The beauty of the dreamy decor makes for a perfect backdrop for this couple to get cosy for the camera.

Bride getting ready gives us the most beautiful pictures that can ever exist. The mesmerizing beauty of the lady of the hour is breathtaking in this shot.

This intricacy of bridal henna is captured in a way that gives us the hope of joy and beauty.

…. And now we have the classic beauty of Black and White.

Something which we all were anticipating.

The wedding looks as spectacular in B/W as it looked in color.

Here comes the bride to meet her prince.

And thus will begin their fairy tale.

We witnessed the stunning beauty of colors in the bride getting ready shot. And now we are awestruck with the perennial allure of greyscale.

Black and white lets us focus on one and the only- Emotions!

The smile of the bride feels like an English rose with every other aspect subsided in this image.

Light Strokes Photography has all the talent that it takes to make a wedding from being just in an album to being memorable for a lifetime.

The photography team here does impressive work and has a Midas Touch with every wedding they capture.

So get in touch with them to encapsulate your wedding moments for an eternity and a day more.

Contact them at 09711595404

And to view more of their works, check out their facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/lightstrokesphotography/

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