-some of most mesmerizing bridal portraits, captured by Sona Sachdeva and her team.

A wedding is for a lifetime and so are your wedding pictures.

A right photographer will capture your once in a lifetime moment with brilliant perfection and with utmost sensitivity. Yes, you guessed it right.

Our today’s pick is a brilliant team of photographers and cinematographers led by the amazing SONA SACHDEVA.

Specializing in romantic and artistic wedding photography, SonaSachdeva Photography is a master studio.

So, lets not waste time and scroll through some of the spectacular moments of this gorgeous bride that they have frozen in their lens.

The bride making a princess style entrance is captured beautifully by SonaSachdeva in this shot.Make your groom and guests go gaga with your epic entry pictures.

The top shot is number one on every bride’s checklist of “must-take wedding photo” list.And SonaSachdeva Photography is taking it up a notch.

Sona Sachdeva Photography masters in experimenting. And the results always tend to leave us in awe.

Prepping time for your big day is so not without your BFF, and its never done right without her helping hand. From holding your hand through thick or thin to helping you fit into your “Glass slippers”, your BFF is always there. And SonaSachdeva document all these sweet behind the scenes moments for you cherish forever.

All these beautiful shots are a result of painstaking talent of SonaSachdeva and her glorious team.

Hold their hands to let them get you through your wedding with timeless shots etched in your beautiful eternity forever.

Get in touch with them at 08800338808

And if you wish to view some of their more amazing works, check out their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/sonasachdevaphotography/

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