More often than not, we want the sangeet to be “different”. Now what does that mean? Either we have a theme that’s never been done before, or we try out new dance styles…Salsa on Balam Pichkari, anyone?

A sangeet is the time to show off your dancing skills - whether it be snake dancing, turning the bulb, or Hrithik/Shahid kind of swirls and grooves. We pick our favourite songs, the popular ones, or songs that have relevance to the story you are narrating at the sangeet. More often than not, we want the sangeet to be “different”. Now what does that mean? Either we have a theme that’s never been done before, or we try out new dance styles…Salsa on Balam Pichkari, anyone? The best option is to experiment with the song itself. With the boom in video blogging, youtubers, reality shows, award functions etc., there are so many versions to a film song… your answer to “I want a different sangeet, not the usual songs, same dances etc” is here!

Here are a few songs that will definitely add the zing you wanted -

1.Tonight I’m Loving You / Dilliwaali Girlfriend ( )

Your closest friends and cousins are all married and you want them to dance with their spouses at the sangeet. They say they’re “too cool” to dance to hindi songs (in the hope of not dancing at all?). You want them to dance to a typical couple song. This Acapella mashup of Enrique Iglasias’ party hit and the sangeet favourite of modern times is the  best blend. Picture this - five couples on stage, hip-hopping to Penn Masala’s Tonight I’m Loving You/ Dilliwaali Girlfriend mashup, and smiles everywhere!

2. Raanjhana (

This song is orchestra music at its finest. What better than an AR Rehman song? Though it sounds a lot like the original, it definitely sounds beautifully different. Imagine the groom and his boys staging a graceful contemporary fusion dance to this version.

3. O Saathi Chal (

You want your bua-fufa, mama-maami, chaacha-chaachi and maasi-maasa to dance to an upbeat and cute song because….well, that’s what they are!. But they want to dance to something they are familiar with. This sweet rendition of the yesteryear favourite is what you are looking for - a reggae touch to the fun couple song. Can you already see them emoting dramatically and singing along as they jive to this song?

4. Lean On/ Jind Mahi (

The evergreen dhol beats and a popular english song that’s on all our playlists. The lyrics to Lean On is relevant for an Indian wedding. This song, mixed so well with Jind Mahi,makes this version the ultimate bride song. Imagining the beautiful bride and her girls doing a lyrical bollywood dance with punjabi bhangra?

5. Kehdoon Tumhe (

We could definitely dance to the original itself, but this slow and soft version of the song puts everyone in a serene place! For the brides and grooms who aren't so keen on mush factor and want to highlight the innocent mischievous side to their relationship this song is made for you!

6. Nachange saari raat (

Ok. So the original itself was a party hit. Now with the Meet Brothers making a “club mix” of it, it makes for a brilliant finale song! Everyone’s up on stage, disco dancing to this super fast song. The best way to conclude the sangeet performances and open the floor to a full night of dancing.

When you pick another rendition of a song, you automatically experiment with dance styles. So, the want for “something other than bollywood dance” and “not the typical sangeet songs” are both fulfilled all in one go. There are innumerable songs like these that will tickle your “stand-out” bone. Do I hear you groan and complain that searching for these versions seem tedious and strenuous? We choreographers are here to make things easy-breezy… You wished for an unconventional sangeet and your every wish is our command!

Keep dancing!



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  • Shyamala Nataraj27/Jun/2016

    Really cool selection...didn't even occur to me till you pointed out that one could salsa to bollywood. Look forward to reading more from you