Lakeside or Riverside Weddings offer a scenic backdrop to the most romantic event of your life, your wedding. They make your wedding look like a fairy tale without too much effort.

Lakeside or Riverside Weddings offer a scenic backdrop to the most romantic event of your life, your wedding. They make your wedding look like a fairytale without too much effort.To give you an idea of what its like, a bride and groom can imagine themselves on a stage with a beautiful river flowing in the background and a forest as well as the main event lawns in the foreground. 

Danesh, owner of Peloton Wedding Estates Mumbai ( says, “At our riverside venue we offer a spacious natural location for a customized destination wedding within close proximity to Mumbai.” With the property being only 1.5 – 2 hours distance out from Bandra West and the International airport, the guests really don’t have to travel far and moreover they ensure that the entire property is exclusively yours for the duration of the wedding event.

The best part is that you have great options to choose from when it comes to the decor. Some are-

Elegance: Neutral Tones + Sequins 

We’re seeing old-style elegance make a roaring comeback this year. Crystal and silver place settings, chandeliers, and beautiful lace abound. They definitely add a touch of sparkle and elegance to an otherwise simple and understated theme – just check out that table setting! 


Patterns: Chevrons

Speaking of chevrons, the zigzag pattern is one of the frontrunners for favorite patterns this year. The chevron makes it look homemade and professional all at the same time!


Garlands: Flowers and Ribbons

These offer great ways to decorate banners, railings, and edges. We love the ribbon-garland look, with wide, sheer ribbons and maybe some twinkle lights rolled in for effect.Of course, flowers are a natural enhancer of the great outdoors.

Grooms, enter the venue in style!

For those of you who dare to be different and unique, you can also picture yourself and the core wedding procession coming in by boat or a locally prepared raft to the main lawn. 

Peloton Wedding Estates , Riverside Property has 2 separate jetties specifically designed for this purpose. The entire length of the river offers a walking path where family members can stand while watching the floating procession come in,this is sure to make you feel like a royalty!

Peloton Wedding Estates has a core team of managers, service staff and cooks who will work closely with the wedding party to ensure the event runs smoothly. They offer complete flexibility to the wedding couple to decide on the caterers and decorators to ensure that they get the wedding they have imagined. That being said they have in house decorators as well as caterers.

Fun Activities

During the day you can picture your family and friends boating, playing a boy’s side vs girl’s side cricket/football match on our ground, engaging in a swimming pool volley ball match as well as playing badminton and a host of indoor games including the use of a full size snooker table.

To know more about Peloton Wedding Estates , contact-

Danesh Banajee
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