We don’t need to tell you that your wedding pictures are the one of the most essential aspect of your big day, and as you get closer to the day you might forget or go blank at the very moment when the photographer’s shooting you!

So in order avoid such hassles we wound up few bridal shots exclusively through our real weddings & real brides by this very experienced photographer Ruby Singh.

The One with the Lehenga

Needless to say that you spent days searching for that perfect lehenga for yourself and it would be an injustice to your wedding if you don’t get it clicked.

You can ask your photographer to click pictures of just your lehenga/outfit or whilst you adorn it.

You can also get a small peak of the lehenga like the above clicked so perfectly by Ruby Singh for one of his brides.

The One with the Back Pose

Your entire look should be captured during your wedding; so get a picture of the back of your blouse, your hairdo and your lehenga.

Ruby Singh has taken this beautiful back shot of the bride in the picture below. Similarly you can stand near a window or maybe sit on chair to make it look dainty.

The One with the bridal portrait

This is one shot that your photographer will definitely take without you reminding him, but regardless we have included it for you to remember. This shot shows your alluring beauty, and if you get one in black white it gives such a royal look like the one below taken by Ruby Singh for his bride.

The One with the ‘getting ready’ shot

Some moments are best captured unknown! Let your MUA be almost done with your hair and makeup in this case so that your photographer can take some candid shots.

You can also remind him to take a shot when your stylist is about to put your dupatta over you. 

Ah! That childlike smile of one the brides of Ruby Singh while getting ready.

The One with the ‘phoolon ki chaadar’

Everyone will be waiting anxiously for the bride to arrive with her BFFs around her and her brothers holding that delicate phoolon ki chaadar. This one shot is essential as it marks your entry to the venue.  The one overlooking  the chaadar can be included as an add on to this.

The One with the ‘bridal mehendi’ shot

Its time to show off you bridal mehendi which took hours to apply and would have become as dark as it can.

One exclusive shot with just your mehendi showing off the intricate details is a must have! Like the above where Ruby Singh so intelligently takes a shot of the mehendi and the bride.

You can also include a shot of your mehendi adorning the lehenga, hand jewellery, the engagement ring and kaleere. 


Ruby Singh can be reached directly at +91-08586888077

Follow him on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rubysinghphotography/


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