Here with ShaadiElephant , Ojas gives away her pearls of wisdom for all the brides out there; make sure to make a note of it!

She is a Makeup marvel, India’s top bridal stylist;  best known as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, DeepikaPadukone and Priyanka Chopra’s favorite makeup artist. Studied at Miami School of Design, her brides look elegant and subtle while creating bit of a drama to complete the look. She has many laurels under her name such as ‘The Most Creative Makeup Artist of the Year’, ‘Most fashionable Make Up Artist at B & D Awards’.  “You’ll be surprised to know the preparation that goes into making a woman beautiful on her wedding day,” she laughs, “but all that effort is well worth it in the end.”

Here with ShaadiElephant she gives away her pearls of wisdom for all the brides out there; make sure to make a note of it!

Know your look

Ojas emphasizes on the knowing the kind of look you would want on your wedding day. She says “brides today are experimenting with their looks and seek inspiration from a lot of things. It makes my job easier if they do their homework on the kind of makeup they want on their big day”.

She also insists on consultation 6 months before the wedding so that she can suggest remedial treatments such as for nails, hair, and skin.  If you have a specific artist in mind, contact him or her six months in advance so that a one-to-one can be arranged. This is when she gives advice like, ‘grow your hair’ or ‘get your skin treated.’

Must have shades for brides

“For dusky skin tones in the likes of DeepikaPadukone, Malaika Arora Khan bright colors don’t suit dark skins! Also eye shadows should be in the range of golden, brown and golds”.

For fair skin tones she recommends pinks and corals. She stresses on staying away from bold colors such as greens and blues for eye shadows.

For wheatish skin tones go for “hues of peaches & gold” and for eye shadow “copper & black”.

Hair it my way

We at ShaadiElephant along with the master of hair and makeup Ojas believe in prepping up 6 months in advance for your wedding day and your hair care must start alongside. Ojas prefers to cut her bride’s hair herself as giving volume to the crown gives softer and subtler look.

Big hair with curls and hair extensions and layers and bangs are a big hit this season.

Highlight your eyes

All the pre wedding jitters can stress you out, so ladies take 6-7 hours of your sleep in order to avoid dark circles.  “Weddings can be hectic business and that tiredness and fatigue first shows up as under-eye circles.  So it’s important for brides to accentuate their eyes, irrespective of the function because that’s the first thing guests will focus on” Rajani insists.

“Bold, cinematic jewel-tone eyes are a big trend this season and smoky eyes continue to reign too”. 

Your outfit is important

Be it your mehndi, sangeet, wedding or your reception your makeup artist would want to see it before he/she decides on the makeup according to your skin tone.  Choose a color that highlights your skin tone keeping it natural.

For Mehndi, “if you are going for yellows then soft and natural makeup would look the best.” Sangeet is an evening function so “let your hair loose and glam up with browns and copper in your makeup.” Your wedding day is the utmost important, hair updos and hair accessories really accentuates the look. 

Last but not the least, beauty must haves!

“Always apply sunscreen befeore you step out in the sun during your wedding shopping. A translucent powder is a good idea to set makeup and blot down shine. Always keep a smudge-proof kajal handy. It’s the ultimate gehna for eyes, especially Indian brides.”

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