When your Bridal makeup is done by Avantika Kapur, who is one of the most sought after Makeup Artist in Delhi, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

We all know the importance of makeup onyour big day, and it’s all in the hands of your makeup artist. But when it is done by Avantika Kapur who is one of the most sought after Makeup Artist in Delhi, you need not worry at all. She is trained from the prestigious institute AOFM, London.

We caught up with her so that we could bring you insights into an Indian Bridal Makeup.

ShaadiElephant- Hi Avantika, we all know you are very experienced in Indian Bridal Makeup so we are going to skip the basic questions and ask the burning ones that our brides would look forward to. 

SE- Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

Avantika - I love the trend of dark neutral colors used as eye shadows on brides. This has a gorgeous contrast against the bright colors of the lehenga and looks striking. And what I really want brides to get over is excess makeup, whether it’s the base or eye makeup which has more than two contrasting colors. 

SE - What are the things a bride should keep in mind before choosing her MUA?

Avantika- The makeup artist’s style of work should be what you want for your big day. Also a comfort level is extremely important for both the parties.

SE - Do you recommend getting a trial before the big day?

Avantika - It really depends on the client and the trust they have on the makeup artist. From my work perspective I don’t encourage trials a lot since sometimes I feel it creates more confusion!

SE - What does an Avantika Kapur bride look like?

Avantika - Three words that define my brides: Exquisite, Classy & Contemporary

SE - What kind of makeup you recommend for brides getting married during summers? 

Avantika - Brides should go for airbrush makeup in this hot and humid weather conditions. It is silicon based HD makeup which has a better staying power & finish.

SE- How should a bride getting married in such weather maintain her skin before her big day?

Avantika - Always apply sunscreen when stepping out and keep your skin hydrated with lot of fluids.

SE- How has bridal makeup evolved in last few years for you as a makeup artist, what changes have you noticed?

Avantika- Bridal makeup has become an extremely important aspect of a wedding. When I started it was more on the traditional side followed by more of a minimalistic look. However, nowadays brides are not afraid to experiment and go for stronger looks.


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