An Emcee plays a pivotal role to put together your master piece and transforms the event into the most enjoyable experience. Lincia, the best in class, promises to make your Sangeet a grand affair!


SE- Lincia you are a fantastic host but our users would love to know how has your journey been so far as an anchor?

Lincia - I love my job as an entertainer. It's been an incredible journey. I have done more than 300 shows in the last 3 years. Destination weddings, celebrity events, tv shows, corporate events, I never realised how time flew by... I have been blessed with the opportunity and the honour to share special moments and bring smiles to my audiences faces. For me that smile on my audience face is priceless.

SE- Tell us about some hilarious experience while hosting a show.

Lincia - Actually I don't mind sharing one of my embarrassing faux pas. However full disclosure, this was during my earlier days.I remember being called by a client to replace an Emcee who had backed out of a sangeet last minute. The client provided a quick briefing and had told me both the families last name was Shah.As I was interacting with the couple on stage, I teased the bride saying that she was really, really lucky she wouldn't have to go through changing her last name. I said," Shaadi se pehle bhi Shah, shaadi ke baad bhi Shah. Naam change ka tension hi nahi."I thought it was a fabulous punch line.But nobody laughed. Apparently the brides last name was Jain & the client in a hurry gave me the wrong family name.It was extremely embarrassing then but hilarious when I look back at it. Lesson learnt "Never rely on anyone, always, always double check on the information provided at an event."

SE- Lincia please share some valuable tips for our brides and grooms to overcome any stage fright that they might have for their sangeet night!

Lincia- Its normal to have butterflies when you are on stage, I still have that before every single show, that just makes you human. But the couple should remember that everyone has joined them in their celebration, to shower them with blessings, love and good wishes. They only want the best for them.

SMILE, it is one of the best accessory that you can carry on stage and when speaking. It will change your mindset and make you feel more confident. It's the simplest thing to do but trust me we forget that.Couples should practice walking in their lehenga or sherwani, doing their grand entry as a couple.Inform your emcee the questions you would like to be asked, that way you have a rough idea of what you will speak and you don't have a blank moment.If the couple wants to propose on stage or do anything special for the other half, practice it. Sit with the emcee and see how you can make the moment special and memorable for your loved one. The audience will love it.If your not comfortable speaking, practice your speech. Practice, practice, practice. Do role play with your to be bride or groom. Ask guidance from the Emcee, they are there for you and to make sure your event is the very best.

SE- Most of the grooms are very nervous about expressing their love publicly on the stage at their wedding function. Lincia please give them some pointers to be a pro at professing their love!

Lincia- I always advice the couple to do what makes them comfortable. I have had grooms and brides who were terrified speaking... Scared to even utter a sentence.I was doing a destination wedding at The Atlantis, Dubai when the bride wanted the groom to do something really special for her. The groom was petrified. However after a little bit of push and coaching I somehow managed to convince him.When D Day arrived, I was amazed that he not only when down on his knees, and proposed to his beautiful bride, but he also sang and danced for her. The bride was completely surprised and was really touched.

SE- Lastly, what is the most challenging thing about being an Anchor?

Lincia- To be prepared for anything. I have to always be on my toes. There will always be times when things don't go as planned. There are technical glitches, a Minister or a celebrity is late, dancers are not ready, mike stops working, there's an electric trip... These are just few of a thousands things that have happened during my live events. My job is to not get flustered, keep my cool & make sure my clients have the smoothest event possible.


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