Bored of traditional wedding venues..Peloton Wedding Estates is just the thing you need. In conversation with the owner, Danesh.

SE- Danesh it is great to have a quick chat with you. We would love to know more about your properties which make for a fantastic wedding venues around Mumbai.

Danesh- Its great to talk to you'll as well. At Peloton wedding estates our aim is to offer our clients the freedom to design their wedding at our locations, all within close proximity to Mumbai, while still offering the beautiful natural surroundings that you would find at a destination wedding.The properties are all all set up to offer guests the space to have a well planned wedding within an intimate natural setting. This could be by the riverside, within coconut and palm trees by the beach or up in the hills.We focus of offering ample space, multiple natural back drops, customisation and exclusivity for the duration of the event.

Our venues include swimming pools, event lawns, football fields, a boating facility and numerous indoor and outdoor activities and games.

SE- Why do you think that these outdoor, close to nature venues make for better wedding venues than the regular banquet halls?

Danesh - I believe wedding venues should offer a sense of uniqueness, space, intimacy and freedom, creating a greater sense of excitement among the core wedding party and their guests. This in turn enables people to bond and mingle more openly, creating a really special lasting memory.

The wedding events people tend to remember as enjoyable are ones where they are fully engaged through a variety of events/activities in an interesting and interactive setting. A location that offers the space and time to make this happen goes a long way in ensuring the success of an event.

SE- How have you helped the brides and grooms organise their weddings at your properties?

Danesh - I feel a great wedding requires a substantial vision behind it. So we sit with the wedding to couple to understand their vision for their wedding, which could be a theme or a general feel that they have in mind for the event.Once we have this understanding we discuss more specific ideas with the core wedding party and this allows us to drive the overall vision into all aspects of the wedding be it the activities, backdrop, setting, catering or decoration.

SE- What are the fun things that can be organised here?

Danesh- Considering the nature of our spaces we are very versatile in terms of the activities we can organize before and after the wedding ceremony.  We can set up a boys side vs girls side treasure hunt, tele games, cricket/football match, tug of war, Karaoke competition and Bingo. We also have tie up with a team who can come in and organize any type of activity the wedding couple chooses. Aside from this we have a full size snooker table, pool table, all racket sports, basketball nets as well as boating.

In terms of the wedding procession itself, we have separate entrances at or properties as well as 2 jetties on the river. We have the capability to organize a floating procession along the length of the property in full view of the wedding guests. Similarly we have a small forest section, or plan tree lined section from where the wedding procession can come in.

SE- What kind of arrangements are there for catering and decorations etc?

Danesh- We feel that the wedding couple should have their choice of caterer so we are happy to work with external caterers. However, we also have our in house catering team which can prepare Indian, Chinese, Continental and Parsi cuisine. We are flexible in terms of organising meals only for certain events or part of the meal.Similarly for decoration, we have tie ups with local decorators but are happy to work with any external decorator as per the wedding party's requirement. We also have partnerships with hotels in the area for additional accommodation depending on the requirement.




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