Nobody wants the visitors to just attend the wedding and leave, they should be awestruck from “wow” to “omg” , after all weddings are about amazing one time memories. The ambiance plays a vital and the calls for some fabulous decoration preparations and ideas as well. Here are some.


One of the vital part of the weddings are flowers, day time wedding functions can’t be imagined without them. For night wedding functions, we can team up flowers and lights do an amazing job.


This pastel dream like decoration with the flowers is here.


The dinner table spiced up with orchids.


The evergreen vintage flower mandap decoration


The graceful floral pillars.

Beautiful flower hangings are always a hit.

Bunch of flowers at the knots.



Lighting is one of the most important aspect of wedding decorations. Later come the props. Let’s explore some great ideas to light up your wedding.

These cute decoration with glasses and candles adds warmth to the decor.

The sparkling entrance makes the guests feel like celebrities. 

The royal candle lights at eating area.

The hanging lights makes the wedding look like a fairytale.

The remarkable lights at the drapes.

The Indian chandeliers like lamp posts looks royal.

Adornment with diyas.



Apart from doing all the latest decorations, sticking to the roots of Indian weddings is what makes things perfect. Small changes make big differences in Indian marriages.

Flowers hangings at different places.

Using flower installations at center places like these.

Letting bride and groom sit on swing at the function.

Small decors like traditional props like elephant, lamps, thalis etc could make a different impact in the weddings.



Huge props and designs are essential too to highlight the wedding area, lets look at a few

The flower bunch motif at the backdrop adds glory to the whole sitting area.

This tree installment serves a center of attraction to the venue.

Though common but if twisted in a unique way this giant top adds glamour and enhances the other smaller decorations.

The antique way of decorating with ancient chairs and ghoomers.

Highlighting the names of bride and groom through lights at special places gives status to the hosts.

Big drapes adds vibrancy weddings.

Installations like these makes the area prettier.

These bunches in asymmetric manner brilliantly beautifies the entrances.

The beautiful sitting section at day weddings glorifies the place much more.

So folks, these were some curated ideas for your wedding, Happy wedding!!

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