Makeup Artist Prakruthi Ananth will ensure you get those dazzling eyes so that he can be lost forever in them!

"When I look into your eyes, I tend to lose my thoughts."

If you are secretly hoping that your Groom says these lovely words to you on your wedding day, we have got just the right person for you.

Makeup Artist Prakruthi Ananth will ensure you  get those dazzling eyes so that he can be lost forever in them!

To know more about how to get those enchanting eyes on your big day, read below..

EYE SHADOW PRIMER- Using an eye shadow primer ensures smudge free makeup, a must for your Sangeet night makeup or even the time consuming wedding ceremonies.

GOLD EYESHADOW- Gold eye makeup up really complements the Indian brides, so if you want to play it safe, this is the colour to go for. To get the sexy Smokey effect, use some charcoal shadow on the exterior lid contours .

EYELINER COLOURS- The black and brown eyeliners are the safest bet and enhances the features well. But Prakruthi believes in making her brides look bold and beautiful. She doesn’t shy away from using blue and green to give that glam look to her brides.

FALSE EYELASHES- Don’t shy away from using these. On your wedding, the photographer’s main focus is to capture the expressions of your beautiful eyes. So let these eyelashes be your strength.

MASCARA- Mascara with curled brushes work great. They add a very feminine touch.

CONTACT LENSES- If you wear contacts, make sure to wear them before makeup application because there are favourable chances of your eyes watering. This can possibly ruin the effort you took to apply the right makeup.

GET ENOUGH SLEEP- Most importantly a good sleep is very essential. The more you sleep, the more time your body gets to repair itself. Sleep for at least seven hours every day to keep those under eye circles away.

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