A million feelings, a hundred memories, with Anupam Maurya's classic Black and White photography!

When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!”- Ted Grant, (godfather of Canadian photojournalism)

Nothing can capture your emotion and passion better than black and white photography of Anupam Maurya's AMP. And whats most impressive is that AMP is not just another photographer. They are trend setters who shot this entire wedding in B/W style, whch was a classic and unheard of in modern day wedding photography.

The team promises to bring out the best of solemnity in your ceremony.

Now, to answer the age old question, why Black and White photography? It’s a much tougher discipline than color photography.

Let’s give you a technical explanation: shooting through a scene often gets us encountered with a moment where the subject and its demeanor is more important than the ambience and environment. This is where black and white deeply emphasizes on the subject’s tones rather than the overall panorama. B&W images have sharp contrast, strong textures and do not require any saturation to prove its worth. The image for B&W often have high highlights and shadows that real pop when color is ignored. When people are the subject their expressions are highlighted and focus on their mood. For non-living objects, their material and texture is emphasized.  B/W shots usually have a nice bokeh to defocus the other entities in the vicinity and let the viewer completely delve into the subject and empathize.  

No one can do it better than the team of fun, young and sincere professionals at AMP who believe in smooth deliverance with transparency. Their wonderful testimonials agree with them.

Ofcourse, you would want to capture the rich colorful dimensions of your flowers and centerpieces but when it comes to capturing the raw emotion and the beautiful seconds, that will spun into eternal memories in your head, like your father giving you away and your mother’s joy, your pretty make up session, a stolen glance in your wedding lehenga and how can we forget, the twinkle in your groom’s eyes when you take the first step down the aisle. Believe me, nothing can do it better than this way of monochromatic photography.

And AMP can be your best friend, to give you this classic and fun wedding album.

You can see for yourself, through this palette of extraordinary photographs captured through their lens.             

To see more brilliant work from AMD, visit http://anupammaurya.com/wedding-stories/

You can also buzz Anupam at +91 9930955211

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