Want to get cozy and eliminate camera nerves? Deepak Mallekar is the man for you!

An artist who promises to give you nothing less than spectacular. Have faith in his genius and you will have timeless masterpieces to look back to.

The pre wedding genre is all about little moments, like you both dive into a soulful laugh.

Or, when your eyes will do all the talking.

The blue of heaven will burn in envy, when he clicks you under the glorious sky.

He will make your memories larger than life with his natural flair.

Your first dance, the melody of which you will hold in your hearts forever.

Add a lot of character to your romantic day with impressive buildings.

Or, have a walk to remember in serene woods.

Fall in love with each other all over again, retro style.

Or, if you are the fan of crazy and like to shake things up a bit…

And for the love of Jazz, isn’t it a perfect touch…

Well, what can we say, life is a dream; dolce far niente!


There is no end to these succinct yet full of love images. So, we give you Deepak Mallekar who is, to many, the pre wedding photographer par excellence.

He promises to make all your wedding jitters fly away in a jiffy.

 And at the end of it, he will leave you with a smile and you will be happy to know that it never wears off.

We believe that his portfolio will whet your appetite asking for your own beautiful pre wedding photoshoot.


You can visit him at http://www.deepakmallekar.com/  

Also, feel free to give him a ring at +91 9820229653, +91 9820289853

Let the good times roll!

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