Up close and personal with the amazing Host..

SE- “Rahil you are a fantastic host and our users would love to know how has your journey been so far as an anchor?”

The journey so far has been “Simply Awesome”. I started off at 17 and have hosted over 600 live show including Weddings, Sangeets, Corporate shows, Felicitation functions, Festivals etc. I still remember when I was hosting my first show in 2011, with nervousness up to the brim moreover excited to give it a shot and finally here because of the appreciations. All I can say is I Love My Job!!

SE-  Please share some valuable tips for our brides and grooms to overcome any stage fright that they might have for their Sangeet night!

Well I very much agree to the fact that the to be bride and the groom are nervous they have stage fear, not only they  I am nervous too, before every show because a little nervousness at the start helps to build confidence but  seeing to it that, it is not carried till the entire show . As it’s said well begun is half done, so always know what’s going to happen at the stage? At my events I personally go to them to know a little more and tell them certain things that I will be asking on stage. So it’s very important to discuss with the Anchor as impromptu questions may lead to more nervousness.

SE- Most of the grooms are very nervous about expressing their love publicly on the stage at their wedding function. Please give them some pointers to be a pro at professing their love.

It’s a lifetime opportunity for you mate “abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi’  ,just forget everything  get in the groove, be the Shahrukh Khan, and just go for it. It’s the perfect moment to live and cherish. 

SE- We know your secret!! We know you are a fantastic singer, please tell us more about this.

Well thank you, to tell you more I belong from a family of music, it has been in our family for  over  2 centuries all  I can just say I’m trying to carry the legacy. My father is a Sitar player and mom also sings I’m sure they would practice music with me in womb and I’m fortunate to try and to something which I also implement in my shows. And this singing part is out of love for the client I don’t charge anything extra for it. 

SE-  Lastly, what is the most challenging thing about being an anchor?”

The D Day is a day when two beautiful souls two beautiful personalities come together to become one, so to make this day their best, is the challenging thing. An Anchor has to be on the toes, double check with all the plans, be careful about the impromptu things and of course taking care of the statements as they should not be below the belt. A lot of ground work is required which helps at the D Day.

To imperatively connect with the audience to understand their mood at first is challenging as there are times when you have a lot of things going astray. Very importantly being versatile is what is being demanded so to know that X factor that impresses the audience and also sticks the eyeballs on stage is necessary.

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