For your once-in-a-lifetime day to be seamlessly executed..

For your once-in-a-lifetime day to be seamlessly executed, your go to person is Rahil Khan.

A Mumbai based anchor/emcee, who has more than 500 events in his hat. He understands weddings like no one else, so there is no room for mistakes.

Keeping the guests entertained; your impromptu proposal, Rahil has the perfect romantic and joyous evening planned for you.

Believe me, your guests will be talking about all the memorable fun even after years from your wedding day and that how everyone was brought together by this charming host . The eloquence and spontaneity that he exudes, will keep all your guests entertained. 

His style is personal and professional which makes him a timeless hit among young as well as old.

He is at the top of his game and will blend right in with your friends, family and the rest of your entourage, giving your event that perfect vibe - fun and memorable.

In his right hands, your needs will be carefully anticipated from start to finish

As the star himself quoted about his USP: “Being spontaneous and being versatile is what is demanded in this competitive world. That's what I Am.”

We give you the best wedding host in the market- Rahil Khan.

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