As he shares all his thoughts on photography and more..

SE -How do you get the person, place or thing that is in front of the camera onto the film the way you want?

Anupam - My process of shooting depends on what I am shooting and how the story of subject matter can be brought in the most self-explanatory way. For weddings 70% time we all shoot with a gut feeling. The eye has been trained over shooting hundreds of weddings that now we can shoot in sleep and we have done that too! But the preparation begins before the shoot itself. An important aspect of our job is to understand what the customer wants and build a rapport with them. They should be so comfortable that we almost become invisible for them and they go about being themselves. Thereafter, how the subject interacts with others in the environment and every element from decor to people around effect our decision on deciding the frame. With so much practice it becomes an involuntary action. Another 10% of the time we are shooting people in groups, 10% couple shots and rest behind the scenes etc. For couple shoot, we take an approach which bests suits their personality. If the bride and groom are jolly, expressive and spontaneous people we let them be themselves, and give minor directions, otherwise we suggest them what they can do and wait for the time when their is a glint of candidness. To sum it all will probably take a lot more pages. 

SE- Which photographers influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path?

Anupam- I withdraw inspiration from any good work I see. At present I am inspired by Two Mann Studios from Canada. Most of the time I don't realize where I am deriving an inspiration, all forms of beauty inspire me. I believe a photographer derives inspiration from different thing in various stages. These days lighting and styling are two aspects which draw my attention more and I keenly observe.

SE- How do you guys work in a team?

Anupam - The nature of weddings is such that if you wish to capture the entire story of the wedding process you need to have team members or multiple photographers. We compete with each other in the team on who gets the better shot. Apart from the healthy competition we conduct regular review sessions  and try identify errors and new ways of improving our photography and cinematography. A lot of time has gone in coming up with new creative ways of making films, covering weddings and capturing unconventional photographs. Apart from the photographers and cinematographers our team also comprises of content writers - Soumi and Dhvani who handle our social media presence and take care stories/blogs on the website. 

SE- We are a fan of your lighting techniques. Please tell us more about it?

Anupam -We were among the first in the country to experiment and evolve using artificial lights in wedding photography. We started with importing off camera lighting setup and learning the nuances of lighting. From using cinema lights like softies, HMI, Fresnel lights we have pretty much experimented and used lights as much a wedding setup would allow us. We advise our clients on what kind of lighting decoration to keep for various functions. This particular post shares many insights -

SE - Among your works, which one is your favourite? Why?

Anupam - The favourites keep changing as we cover more and more weddings. Each wedding is unique but the best ones are those where bride and groom enjoy themselves and we get love, respect and their full support. We would love to get more gutsy and have clients who let us do something spectacular and unseen in Indian weddings. 

SE - From your point of view, what makes a good picture? 

Anupam - There are many things that make a photograph great. Some look great because of the lighting, some for the subject and some for the perspective and composition. But true masterpiece is achieved when all of these ingredients are present in just right amount and are in sync with its environment and make you stop by and observe the photograph. Photographs are taken to draw attention. A simple test of a great photograph is the time it can engage you to itself and has the lasting impression on you. 

SE- What, in your opinion, is most important to consider while shooting portrait pictures of the bride or the groom? 

Anupam - In short, The foremost is the chemistry between the couple > > the moment > the settings > composition > lighting 

SE - Also, what's your favourite part of a wedding day to shoot?

Anupam -  My favourite part is the bride getting ready, the baraat, the pheras and then Bidaai.

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