She is a lifesaver who will take everything in control and will make you enjoy your day to the fullest.

Your wedding day is approaching and there's a lot of pressure. While all your time and energy is consumed by shopping , invites, stage , event agency, and  then in the end you also have to look good.

You want everything to be exceptional.Due to all this pressure you tend to forget you need to sit back, relax and enjoy this special moment.

This is where your perfect hostess, Lincia Rosario with her infectious smile and dynamic personality, makes an entry. Believe me, she is a lifesaver who will take everything in control and will make you enjoy your day to the fullest.

She will cater to your needs from moon to the spoon and will be the perfect face for your D Day.

With all the niceties in order, she can manage any chaos and add the spice and entertainment even with her eyes shut.

In the wedding one of the most important ceremonies is Sangeet, which can be extremely chaotic. But Lincia will make your event flow smooth.She is a perfect mix of  humor, wit and fun and knows exactly how to get everyone up and dancing.She has proven to be a valuable asset to every event she has hosted.

Her testimonials speak no less about her being a friendly thread of communication between family members and guests.

One excerpt is from a Guajarati wedding which she hosted.The groom pointed her to his extremely shy friends, to interact with them. 

She walked down to them and asked their names, asked them about the groom and what their favorite friendship song was, to which they promptly replied Yeh Dosti. The fun began when she asked them to come up on stage and sing the famous Sholay song. To everyone’s surprise, they not only sang it but danced to it and well, they grooved and rocked it like no one else could.

Lincia always go step by step which is very important to make the guests feel comfortable in their own skin and somehow every single person at the wedding feels a certain kind of confidence and ease when she is around.With proper build up and commentary and the well needed drama and spice, she will put everyone in awe.

She will conduct games and fun activities for smooth interaction between guests, and in the end leaving everyone with a smile on their face.

She has a word of mouth publicity. It happens quite often that she hosts a sangeet for a couple who come to her via some other sangeet that she hosted. And that's what a professional emcee is all about.From reading your mood like tea leaves to moving the party along, this diva will leave you and your guests with fond memories etched in your hearts forever.


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