- By Desert Pearl Entertainment.

Here comes the day of your haldi function.

The day of giggles and smiles. This entertaining part of wedding ceremony is one of the most fun and blessed where the auspicious haldi paste is applied to both bride and groom.

To make this day special, Desert Pearl entertainment is here to give your ceremony the perfect decor. And they bring you the divine flower which embodies blessings to the newly wed couple to have a happy and a prosperous life ahead: Marigold!

So lets take a tour through all the beautiful ideas they have to offer.

A picturesque verandah decked with marigolds, and surrounded by luscious tress, makes a perfect setting for performing this ceremony.

Take the marigold love it to a whole new level with traditional marigold centerpieces.

For a more traditional approach decorate pillars of bamboos with strings of marigolds.

Whether its Less is more or your love for decadent chandeliers, or your rustic dream by decking up a barren tree or combining it with brass lamps, banana leaves or coconut shells, this beautiful orange flower is your answer to whatever you want. And no one knows it better than Desert Pearl Entertainment.

So let them handle your beautiful haldi ceremony with care and make it worthwhile for you and your guests. 


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