With only a week away from the wedding, you feel like you have a million items left on your to-do list, right? Before turning into a last-minute bridezilla, take a step back from the stress and remember to R-E-L-A-X!

Squeeze in the spa 

Go all out with a mani/pedi and massage to loosen up those kinks and knots in your neck, back, and feet. While you are at it, throw in a facial and waxing for good measure. Also why not create a spa at home with some heavenly aroma therapy !




Time for some Retail Therapy !

A bride`s shopping never ends ! Get some of your girlfriends to join you ! Do not have time to hit the mall? There is always overnight shipping for those online shoppers.




Sweat it out !

Even if exercise is already part of your normal routine, you should lace up those running shoes and hit the jogging park nearby. Break a sweat running on the treadmill, meditating in hot yoga, or taking a cycling class, all this will make you stress free and give you a beautiful glow as a bonus!!



Leave all your worries at work behind!

Chat with colleagues before turning on an “out of the office” email response.Leave all your worries behind once you step out of the office premises.



Catch up on TV time !

Spend your last night at home watching a few of your favorite TV shows or movies that are always in the queue: Romantic moves will get you even more charged up for your Big Day!




Indulge in Me time !

Purchase a plethora of magazines in the grocery store check-out aisle.



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