From shopping to makeup after the wedding, she has got you covered!

Hi Jasmine. Please tell our lovely brides why is it an absolute necessity to have an expert like you by their side, while getting a wedding makeover?

The wedding day is one of the biggest and best days of one’s life. Planning a wedding can be both exciting and worrisome. Brimming with the expectations of romance and glamour, you want to ensure that it goes smoothly so that you will have the gift of a romantic memory. And, I being a Makeover & Etiquette Coach do just that for the Bride & the Groom by taking away the stress of organising their Bridal Style for the wedding along with handholding them through most up-to-date socially acceptable procedures like gifting, hosting, fine dining & managing people and more. Also, along with a great aesthetic sense, I have sound ‘Technical’ expertise in dressing up individuals as per their best features of the personality .

What kind of services do you provide to our brides as a part of your offering?

The Brides & Grooms go through a series of Sessions which are designed to up their Style Quotient & bring about more finesse in their personalities;

  • Style Guidance Session
  • The art of Social Elegance- Posture, Greetings, fine manners
  • Fine Dining Tutorial- Table Manners
  • Wine Appreciation Session
  • Party Hosting Etiquette & Guest Protocols
  • Wedding Couture & Trousseau Shopping
  • Wardrobe Planning for life ahead
  • Hair & Makeup Tutorial
  • Food & Fitness
  • Managing Stress at the wedding

How does a bridal stylist like yourself help out a bride?

Being married myself, I have undergone the emotions that a bride goes through. It’s a whirlpool of fun & excitement along with stress and anxiety. Apart from the professional services I offer, I have a lot of guidance to impart as a friend and an older sister even if it doesn’t fall in the realm of my services. I believe it’s the most special time in the life of a girl and I want to make it truly special and hence don’t mind going an extra mile to do that.   

A lot of our brides are nervous about the makeup after the wedding day when they have to go for innumerable social visits. Can you help them out with that too?

Yes, after a brief skin consultation, a detailed Makeup Tutorial is given to the bride equipping her with the skills to do her own day & evening makeup.  Also, she is guided on various products for her skin care, complexion & well being.

What do you mean by wedding etiquette and why is it so important?

Etiquette is all about making people feel comfortable, and hence Wedding etiquette is essential to make ‘new’ people feel welcome in your life. I feel it’s a must-attendsession for all family members- the Groom, the Bride & even the in-laws as Navigating through each and every sticky situation with a smile can be hard work. Moreover, during the wedding, there are celebrations galore, from small meet and greets to elaborate get-togethers. Hence, our personalised sessions on Fine dining etiquette, the art of hosting a dinner, greetings & introductions, gifting etiquette, guest etiquette and more can be a feather in their hat which will help them make great first impressions.

We have heard that you even take out the brides for shopping, that’s so wonderful! Tell us more about it.

Yes, even though most of us love to shop, Shaadi Shopping can get quite stressful. It’s one thing to buy an outfit for a particular occasion and then look for a matching bag, shoes, neckpiece, hair & makeup but then it becomes something else when the same exercise is multiplied by the power of 10 or 20 or even more. That is where I step in! Not only do I analyse the wardrobe of the client, but I also make a Shopping Map based on the requirements, get the necessary bookings and accompany you scavenging the pearls out of this deep ocean. And that’s not it. We then also take care of the fittings, trials and the not so liked co-ordinations with the stores & the designers thus saving you from all the unwanted stress.

Finally, what do you think of a platform like ShaadiElephant, how does it help the users?

Yes, ShaadiElephant is one stop shop for all your wedding needs. Collating all the services together makes wedding planning so much easier.  

Get in touch with Jasmine Arora (Makeover & Etiquette Expert) at 9819991702

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