The trio at North Water Star are the number one go-to guys

When we talk about destination wedding photographers, the trio at North Water Star are the number one go-to guys, coming right from our rolodex.

They offer candid wedding photography not only in India but also in U.S.A and Middle east.

Nothing spells perfection than your ideal venue, beautiful wedding décor, cake, dress, flowers and to top it all off NWS’s fly-on-the-wall discretion and their skillful photography.

Wedding photography needs a really good eye as well as easy tact and good judgement.

The fine result of this delicate job is quiet- yet have an impact.

North water star leaves no stone unturned when it comes to composition, light and nuances of gestures.

They create and capture images full of raw emotions and intimacy.

Open to the unknown, they will create timeless and heart stirring images for you. They should be your number one choice if you are looking for an international photographer.

Here, we are featuring one of their beautiful weddings shot in U.S.A.

The deep love which the professionals at North Water star hold for adventure brings a great sense of wonder and romance to the pictures they create.

Each and every beautiful moment like your bridesmaids gushing, your father giving you away, your stolen glances, will be used as opportunities to witness enhance and capture your lovely eternity forever.

We strongly recommend you North Water Star. The way they capture portraits and moments, it adds so much to the life’s most sentimental event. And the feeling of the day will hold its power even after 50 years.


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